To celebrate TT’s new three-column layout (ahem), how about three GMing links?

Musings of the Chatty DM: Phil’s got some good stuff to say about GMing (and other topics, too) — try The Rule of Cool to get started, or dive into part one of his four-part series about workplace team development applied to gaming groups.

Collusion Kill: Robin Laws takes the approach to PC death found in Primetime Adventures — where a character can die only with the player’s consent — one step further, and suggests introducing PCs with deliberately limited life spans. Interesting stuff.

Excellent Maps: Cayzle offers tips on using MS Excel to draw fantasy maps, particularly useful if you’re running an online game (PbEM, PbP, et al). Check out the sequence in Humonculous Quest to get an idea of the versatility of Cayzle’s technique.