Merry Christmas from all of us here at Gnome Stew!

Whether you do more gaming or less over the holidays, whether your stocking is full of dice or coal, and whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday, we wish you and yours the very best and a very happy new year.

20th-level necromancers have determined that approximately 40% of all gnomes turn into dust when exposed to a camera, so here are 6/10 of the Gnome Stew crew celebrating the holidays this year. That technically makes this like some kind of bi-monthly calendar, IE not a very useful one.

First up is John Arcadian, who comes from the Calvin and Hobbes school of snowman construction:

Followed by Don Mappin and his family, who are so festive that I need to go drink some eggnog RIGHT NOW:

And Martin Ralya and his family. The Mappins used up all the red in their photo, so we had to settle for black:

Kurt “Telas” Schneider and his family in their adorable PJs:

Troy Taylor and his wife posing by their Christmas village (large enough to hold miniatures, perhaps?):

And DNAphil and his son, closing out the year Vecchione style:

Merry Christmas from the gnomes!