Gnome Stew will be taking a holiday break starting December 24th, and returning to normal on January 5th. But don’t despair: There will be new articles appearing regularly while we’re on hiatus (in the form of us gnomes revisiting our favorite ones from the archives), with the possible exception of New Year’s Day (when we’ll all be so sloshed even WordPress won’t help us).

There are over 260 GMing articles on Gnome Stew to explore while we’re away/asleep/drunk, as well as hundreds and hundreds of excellent comments from GMs.

Today, the gnomes thought it would be fun to share a bit of each of our holidays with you. So here we are: seven out of nine members of the creative team behind Gnome Stew, who brought you those 260+ articles over the past seven months, in full-on Christmas mode. If pics from our other two slackers deadline-challenged gnomes roll in, I’ll add them to this post.

Walt, with his lovely family. I can’t quite place the location, but there’s something familiar about it…

Troy, who wins for actually having GNOMES in his yard!

Scott, the “x-moose.”

Alysia, Charlie, myself, and our impending baby (this was our Christmas card photo this year).

Telas and his family — as Telas puts it, “This is on our Christmas cards, and shows the women in my life walking all over me (as usual).”

Patrick and his wife at a holiday party/in Patrick’s classic-car-themed Batcave.

…and John, who was forced into this Christmas sweater, possibly at gunpoint.

Thanks for reading the Stew, and Merry Christmas from all of us gnomes!