We’re really gathering steam on our second book now: Masks: 1,000 Memorable NPCs for Any Roleplaying Game has its own product page on the Engine Publishing website, we’ve announced that Wolfgang Baur wrote the foreword, we’ve shared the cover, and the first sample PDF is now available.

Hey, make that the first TWO sample PDFs, because here’s the second one: Masks preview #2: Sci-fi NPCs! Like the first preview, this one features 6 more free NPCs that you can use in your game right away — no prep needed, just ream ’em and go.

These 6 NPCs are from the Allies section of the Sci-Fi chapter, which should give you a good idea what to expect from Allies in the other two genres, as well. The gorgeous illustration is by Chris Reach.

Whereas villains are designed to oppose the PCs and allies are intended to be friendly towards them, neutrals aren’t defined by their relationship to the PCs. They can be side characters or main characters, and can easily be made into villains or allies if you like.

They represent the bulk of every campaign world, but that doesn’t mean that they’re boring (as the sample hopefully reveals!). They also represent the bulk of Masks: the book is 50% neutrals, 25% villains, and 25% allies. We believe that breakdown will give you maximum bang for your GMing buck.

Next week should bring our third preview, modern NPCs, and it shouldn’t be too long after that before we can start taking preorders!