Happy GM’s Day!

So how is Treasure Tables, a site that’s all about GMing, celebrating GM’s Day 2006?

With style, baby, with style: 24 links to GM’s Day sales, the winning post from the GMing Tools Contest, a bit of history and a sale on our sexy GM T-shirts.

Since this is TT’s first GM’s Day, let’s start off with a wee bit of history (which I’ll keep mercifully brief).

A Wee Bit of History

GM’s Day was started by spunkrat and Mark Clover of Creative Mountain Games back in 2002. The original EN World thread was entitled March Fourth for GM’s Day!!, which became the official GM’s Day slogan: “March Fo(u)rth for GM’s Day!”

spunkrat described the essence of GM’s Day like so:

GM’s day is the day the gaming community would celebrate all the hard work our GM’s do for us.

Banners were created for GM’s Day 2004, and hosted by The Other Game Company, and since then this holiday has started to gain some good traction.

Avlor, a member of the GMing Q&A Forum, created a new banner and a button just a few days ago — the ones that grace this post, in fact. They’re free to use for GM’s Day (just save them to your server, rather than linking to them here), and I really dig them. Thanks, Avlor!

Sure, GM’s Day is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it’s also sincere — GMs do a lot of work, and it’s good to take one day out of the year to celebrate that.

The Winner of the GMing Tools Contest

Kestral’s winning entry in the Treasure Tables GMing Tools Contest has been turned into a guest post today here on TT: Hand-Held Dry-Erase Boards: A Versatile GMing Tool. It’s a great idea, and one I suspect you’ll enjoy.

GM’s Day Sales

It’s become traditional for many RPG companies to offer sales on their products in celebration of GM’s Day, which I think is pretty cool.

I like this tradition, so I’m joining in with a sale on our “GM” design T-shirts (like the one pictured here) — all of them are $2 off from now through this coming Wednesday, March 8th.

I scoured the net for info on other GM’s Day sales, and here’s what I turned up. I found nearly all of these links on EN World — thanks, EN World!

Adamant Entertainment is having a 20% off sale
Badaxe Games has put all of their PDFs on sale
Bards and Sages Publishing is celebrating with a 50% off sale
Blue Devil Games is giving away a copy of Shadow Falling with copies of Dawning Star: Operation Quick Launch
Cartography Unlimited is giving purchasers of The Town of Umberham a free copy of One-Eyed Dragonhead Tavern
Creative Mountain Games is offering several GM’s Day specials, and has a GM’s Day CafePress shop
EN Publishing has lowered all of their prices by 50%
Expeditious Retreat Press has marked down both print and PDF products
The Explorers’ Guild is having a 1/2-off sale
Fat Dragon Games is having a PDF sale, and giving away a free product
Genjitsu Games has two discount bundles on sale
Highoon Media Productions is offering a GM’s Day mega-bundle
HinterWelt Enterprises has lowered prices on their PDFs
Inner Circle Games is dropping prices by 50%
93 games Studio has put most of their PDFs on sale
The Other Game Company is knocking 20% off select products
Ronin Arts has dropped prices by 20% or more
RPGAttitude has discounts on Item Designer and NPC Designer
SATurday Graphics is having a 50% off sale
Steampower Publishing has lowered their prices by 25%
Sword’s Edge Publishing is having a 15% off sale
Tabletop Adventures is knocking 25% off of their whole catalog
12 to Midnight is marking everything down 20%

Once again, happy GM’s Day — and cheers to you, GMs everywhere, for busting your buns to run fun games for your players. Now get out there and celebrate!