Last week, I did a soft launch of the Treasure Tables GMing Wiki — today is the official launch. The TT community has discussed the merits of a GMing wiki, and talked over what it should involve — and now, we’ve started one!

There are five sections at present: adventure seeds, GM software, GM types, index cards and RPG elevator pitches. It’s going to be rough around the edges for at least a little while, but I can’t wait to see how it shapes up. And that’s the key: How it shapes up is entirely up to you, TT readers!

This wiki has a lot of potential — hundreds of smart, motivated and articulate GMs read Treasure Tables every day, and pooling our GMing knowledge benefits the entire GMing community. All you need to do to contribute — add a new section, edit or clean up existing material, etc. — is make a free account on the wiki, log in, and go to town.

And I hope you’ll do just that!