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Just a Sticker: Roll Like A Girl

three dice and flower stickers and a pin reading "roll like a girl"

A few months ago there was something I was excited about on kickstarter. I know; that’s pretty much every day these days, isn’t it? But this was a small thing, really, and I spotted it on Twitter as I sat down with friends at Breakout Con in Toronto. Alysa Avery was Kickstarting “Roll Like A Girl” enamel pins, and I loved them, and heck yeah I wanted one. Fast forward to last week.

 Whether she knew it or not, Alysa hit everything I wanted with this one little graphic. 

I knew they’d been shipping and there was a tiny package in my mailbox; I guessed that was what it was and I was correct. Even better, we’d hit the stretch goals to all get stickers of the pattern, so when I opened it up there were also four stickers, one in each color. It was like the best present to future me I could have imagined. I spent several days deciding which sticker I was going to commit to on my water bottle, taking into account things like the age of the water bottle and its current life expectancy.  And finally, I put one on. And I LOVE it. I love this pin. I love this design. Whether she knew it or not, Alysa hit everything I wanted with this one little graphic. Indulge me as I dissect this wonderful little piece.

Firstly, it proclaims “Roll Like a Girl”, wrapped around a d20 showing the 20 side up. Critical success. Heck yes, I roll like success, I roll like winning, I roll like I own this die (oh wait, I do, it’s my die). This is both how we are successful today as women in gaming, and our future success — a promise to ourselves, if you will, of the continuing progress to come. Of the outcome of our ongoing efforts. We know it’s better than it was, and we can celebrate that success while working towards a more inclusive tomorrow, for everyone. 

The d20 is embedded in a variety of flowers. They are soft, scented (I mean it’s a sticker but they give you that feeling) and lush. Sure, it’s stereotypically feminine, but here I am, a soft girly girl who likes feelsy games. That’s not every girl in gaming and I don’t presume to say it is, and in other colors of this sticker they pack a little more punk rock grrrl power punch, but for me, this works. It’s not hard and tactical, it feels welcoming. You might even say it’s blooming — the same way we can bloom as people when we play together, learn from each other, and share that time and ourselves with each other at the table.

 Even if this one is pointed at me, I want the next one to be pointed at you, friend, because I want you to have this feeling too. 

It’s a simple thing, a cute graphic sticker (I have the pin also of course — I am deciding what place of honor it will get), but it’s something that makes me feel included and like I can really belong and represent myself in the gaming community. It connects me to my chosen space in a way that I am proud of. I want everyone to have a symbol like this, that connects to them and their chosen space like this does for me. I want gaming to have that space for everyone. I want it to be safe and supportive for all the different experiences we bring to the table. So this sticker is also hope — a hope that we can all get there, together. Even if this one is pointed at me, I want the next one to be pointed at you, friend, because I want you to have this feeling too.

If you are interested in the roll like a girl design, you can still get it as a shirt from Red Bubble — check out Alysa Avery here: alysaavery.wixsite.com/illustration [8] or on her twitter @Lissantorr [9]. You can also still snag a pin of your own if you missed the kickstarter on her etsy page: https://www.etsy.com/shop/aavery13 [10]!

Is there some piece of geek fashion or accessory that makes you feel like you belong? I want to hear about it!