If you play D&D 4e, there’s a decent chance you use WotC’s D&D Insider Character Builder.

It automates a lot of things that frankly would otherwise be a pain in the ass, like creating power cards and calculating 99.9% of what’s on your character sheet.

For a crunchy, tactical, numbers-heavy game like 4e, it’s a real boon. My whole group relies on it, and anecdotally I’d say most D&D players I talk to use it as well.

And while many RPGs wouldn’t really benefit from a tool like this, its ease-of-use, pay-to-play model, and integration into “the 4e experience” have gotten me wondering whether it’s changing the way we game.

1. Would you run or play 4e without it?

2. Having used it, do you wish other RPGs you run or play offered a similar tool?

3. Do you miss any of the tasks it replaces, like calculating things by hand?

4. Has it changed the way you relate to D&D?

5. Has the Character Builder changed the way you game?

6. Are robots going to take away our jobs?

Inquiring gnomes want to know — and I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.