Over on Google+, I asked a question that seems particularly well-suited to Gnome Stew: What does your engagement with gaming as a hobby look like? Specifically, how many hours do you spend on different elements of that engagement, and how does that shake out percentage-wise?

Right now I spend about 14 hours a week engaged with the hobby in some way. Here’s my current breakdown, sorted by time spent:

  • Playing 50%
  • Reading 29%
  • Publishing 7%
  • Blogging 7%
  • Researching 7%
  • Buying 0%
  • Design 0%
  • GMing 0%

My “buckets” aren’t intended to be exhaustive; rather, they’re personal. You might choose different categories. And of course my stats change regularly: When I’m running a game, GMing spikes; when I’m deep into editing a new Engine Publishing book, publishing goes up.

What got me thinking about this topic was that 0% under “Buying.” I’m trying to dial buying stuff way back, including gaming books, and historically a large part of my engagement with the hobby has been through collecting. I love collecting books, and I miss that aspect of the hobby.

But on the flipside, by doing less of that I’m not only saving money, I’m freeing up time every week that currently goes into playing. Looking back over 30 years of gaming, 50% is probably not my all-time high for playing, but I suspect it’s a record if I look at just the past decade.

So how about it: What does your engagement look like? And are you happy with it? Tell us about it in the comments!