I’m back from Michigan but nowhere near caught up (we had a great time). Luckily, TT reader Walt C. posed a question via email while I was gone: How much of your material do you recycle between campaigns? (Great question, Walt — thanks!)

And to be clear, Walt’s question wasn’t just about carrying stuff over from one D&D campaign to the next — GMs can and should reuse, recycle and repurpose material from system to system, group to group and game to game. If you wrote an awesome encounter that the PCs never saw, why not use it again? If you ginned up a great NPC who got killed off early, why not bring her back in another campaign?

Especially when you’re short on time, using stuff you’ve already written that your current group has never seen before is always at least worth considering. Personally, I’m often too disorganized to do this properly — I don’t catalog the stuff I prep well, and I can’t always find it when I need it again (assuming I even remember to look for it, of course). Recycling is definitely something I need to do more often.

How about you?