I’ve been trying to settle on a character class for an upcoming D&D game (3.5e), and I’ve been running into some serious option paralysis — there are so many choices that I’ve been completely unable to pick one.

There are a couple of other factors at work here, including my tendency to overthink things and (more importantly) the fact that I don’t have a strong inclination towards a particular class role.

Setting those aside, though, something occurred to me: I don’t think I’ve ever run into option paralysis as a GM.

When I’m GMing, despite having near-infinite options and making choices constantly — both before the game begins, and once it’s rolling — it just feels different in some way.

Partly that’s because few of my individual GMing choices are as critical as choosing a character is for a player (since that’s their most important source of input into the game), and partly it’s because I’m not choosing from a laundry list of options — I’m just brainstorming.

Have you run into option paralysis as a GM? Or have you also found that it doesn’t really come up? (And if so, why?)