Holidays can be a fun addition to fantasy RPGs, and if your campaign spans several game-years, recurring holidays help to give the world a feeling of continuity — of existing around the heroes.

If you’re in the market for some new holidays for your game, here are three four PDF options that look interesting:

A Dozen Festivals and Holidays (Ronin Arts), which includes Coronation Day and Spring Races.
Athenaeum Arcane: Festivals, Fairs, and Holy Days (Ronin Arts), including Razorback festival — which involves gladiatorial combat with a dire boar.
TFG Fantasy Holidays Bundle 1 (Top Fashion Games), which covers general holidays, holidays for the common folk and — a neat idea — holidays for monsters.
Adventure Essentials: Holidays (RPGObjects), a toolbox for designing holidays and using them in your campaign (not sure how I missed this the first time around — thanks, Johnn!).