It’s September.

The season of “Pumpkin ALL the things” is upon us. The official start of autumn is coming. The first Spirit Halloween popped up last month in my area like a zit on a kid hitting early puberty.

It’s also time– from my cosplayer’s perspective– to set down to work and start stitching a Halloween costume together. Between myself and other cosplayers I know, there’s one thing that is for certain when you’re prepping a costume: It’s NEVER too early.

I feel like that Mayor from A Nightmare Before Christmas knocking on Jack Skellington’s door with plans for next year’s Halloween the day after Halloween. It’s really never too early. Some people are obsessed with Christmas. Other people go for Halloween.

There’s something just magical about it. Everyone’s a cosplayer on Halloween. Makes me feel like chanting, “One of us, one of us” when I see it. Sure, a lot of people go and buy their costumes, but they’re still participating. Even if they’re recycling the Hanging Chad for the umpteenth year in a row, it’s participation.

Ted Mosby

Sure, it’s recycled and simple… but it’s effective!

I thought a long time about what I wanted to make this year. Do I go for Opera!Celes Chere (Final Fantasy VI)? Maybe Sheik (LoZ:OoT)? I’ve also been very drawn to the idea of putting together a Marle cosplay (Chrono Trigger), but I really want to gather a Chrono Trigger cosplay group for that. My current housemate *does* want to go as Lucca, so it has potential to happen in the future.

I ultimately did not decide on Marle, but I did pick another blonde female with ice powers.

Yeah, I’m going to be Elsa this year.


My hair is just about long enough for it, and I have a friend (Lizzy) who knows how to braid really well. Been practicing on the makeup too.

Sorry about the crappy camera phone photo, but my actual camera is all full of death and junk.

Sorry about the crappy camera phone photo, but my actual camera is all full of death and junk.

So Lizzy and I have designated Thursday as our sewing night. As of Thursday, September 4th, we have each made duct tape dress forms for ourselves. Check this action out:

Like a snake shedding its skin...

Like a snake shedding its skin…

Front view- marked up so I remember important sewing-related spots like hips, waist... and where my belly button goes.

Front view- marked up so I remember important sewing-related spots like hips, waist… and where my belly button goes.

Sewing buddies!

Sewing buddies!

There’s a good tutorial here. I also have to give a shout-out to my friend Bridget (Bizzit!!) for her advice when making a duct tape dress form since she has experience in this area: Your friend should have steady hands and be sober. That’s good advice, hehe.

I have also picked up a dress pattern. This is serious business. I pretty much always wing it and never get a “real” pattern. The closest thing I’ve ever done to using a pattern was using an old t-shirt as the starting block for sewing an easy Link tunic. Even my Celes Chere cape? Eyeballed it.

Next week– Lizzy draws out her costume and makes a pattern. We’re also going to cut my fabric for Elsa and pin everything together. I have 3 yards of satin, 6 yards of glittery mesh, and 1 yard of fabulous sequins. Let’s make this happen!

My second Halloween costume this year, however, is far easier than Elsa. Anyone familiar with Nichijou? Because I’m also going to be Hakase.

Hakase (right) Nano (left)

Hakase (right)
Nano (left)

It’s going to basically no effort at all considering I ALREADY have a lab coat from my old Dr. Muraki (Yami no Matsuei) cosplay. I also have a red tie because a) I like ties and b) old Yagami Light (Death Note) cosplay.

However, I *will* be making the Nano outfit for the Boyfriend. Why? For the lulz. And he’s going to make a key to put on his back that turns on its own.