Want to tell us about your favorite halflings* and/or kobolds** at Gen Con 2013? These two seminars are your best bet:

Gnome Stew Presents: Wrestling with your Game (SEM1345730) Saturday 2:00 pm, Embassy Suites: Coronation 2, 2 hours

Grab your singlet* and jump the top rope as the Gnomes of Gnome Stew help tag-team your game into submission. Learn basic moves and advanced techniques that will leave your players gasping for more!

Keeping Campaigns Alive! (SEM1345419) Friday 2:00 pm, Embassy Suites: Coronation 2, 2 hours

Campaigns are dying at an alarming rate! Do something to save them! Come learn techniques for campaign management and session prep aimed at improving your campaigns and preparing them in less time.

You’ll also find several gnomes at the ENnies ceremony (Friday 8:00 pm, Grand Hall of Union Station) wringing their red felt hats and whooping with joy/crying uncontrollably depending on how things go.

I won’t be at Gen Con this year, a rare absence; I’ll be in northern Ontario hanging out with my dad. To everyone going to the con: have a blast!

* Dead, ideally.

** Dead, ideally after having eaten a halfling.