snapshot20120808020538If you’ve never been to Gencon, or another large gaming/geek convention, it’s really hard to get an idea for exactly what it feels like. When I went to my first Origins 7 or so years ago, I couldn’t even begin to conceive of what the experience was going to be.

So, last year at Gencon I carted my camera around and captured as much footage as I could. I tried to get interviews with any attendees who would stand still long enough, and I got video of as many fun and interesting things as my schedule allowed. That has resulted in this, Gnome Stew’s Video Guide to Gencon.

It doesn’t cover the registration process or provide tips for making it to Gencon, but it does show you what it’s going to be like once you get to the convention. Hopefully it will help those who will be making the trek to Gencon for the first time this year and whet the appetites of those who have been or who have contemplated it but never quite made it.

Since the video only covers what happens while you are at Gencon, here are a few tips for registration and other sources of good information about the Gencon experience.