Last night Gnome Stew won its sixth ENnie Award, the gold for Best Blog. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners, especially Evil Hat Productions for charting a course of transparency and customer-centric business practices that kicks major ass.

Thank you to all of the Stew’s readers and fans (some of whom have been reading the blog since the Treasure Tables days, nearly 10 years ago!), to the judges for nominating us, and to the Gnome Stew team for being awesome.

Six years on, the Stew still doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s probably not run how you’d expect behind the scenes, either — it’s a “loose ship,” if you will. But somehow it works!

The Stew is built on a high-trust model that assumes everyone involved — authors and commenters alike — will act in good faith to help fellow gamers have more fun at the gaming table. We’ve never had to ban anyone, and you won’t find any spam, hate, or bile in the nearly 28,000 comments on the site. And somehow that works, too.

Thank you to everyone who makes it work. You rock!