We’re super excited to announce a new Staff Writer here at Gnome Stew – Camdon Wright! We’re going to let Camdon say hey in his own words, and you’ve probably read some in the guest posts he’s done himself or with other gnomes or from some of his most recent work like One Child’s Heart or Madness and Desire.  Join us in welcoming Camdon!
– John Arcadian, Head Gnome Who Can’t Think Of  Witty Tagline Right Now

Hi everyone! I’m Camdon Wright and I’m currently living in Westminster, Colorado. In this wonderland of thin air and plentiful sunshine I create games, tend to my children, and ride motorcycles as often as possible. I do my best to be honest with my words and vulnerable with my emotions. My mother is an immigrant from Ethiopia who moved to the United States when she was a teenager to go to high school. My father was born in Arizona and is of German heritage.

I’ve been reading TTRPG books since the late 70s but didn’t actually get to play anything until the mid-80s. I’ve made money writing ad copy, grants, website copy, and anything else people would pay me to do. Haikus, game adventures, and half-finished short stories dominated my personal writing projects. In the last year I’ve really committed myself to game design; pushing forward projects that I love.

I’ve found my best friends at a gaming table. I learned to speak from my heart and embrace the truth of others while telling imaginary stories. The family of my choosing that I discovered while gaming fought for me, told me I was worth loving, and reflected the best parts of me so that I could see them too. When I say that I love games I mean it from the deepest part of my heart. People make the hobby and people will be the reason it survives into the next generation.

I’m looking forward to bringing my voice to the chorus of amazing writers already at Gnome Stew. As a biracial man I feel like I can add a different perspective to the conversation about TTRPGs. It is my firm belief that inclusivity and representation must be at the foundation of the gaming world as we move forward. That won’t happen by accident so I work to challenge expectations in gaming culture. I support LGBTQ+, women, and people of color on their journey and include them in mine.

TLDR: There’s a new Gnome in town. I came here to write blog posts, feel emotions, and eat the stew. I’m all out of stew.