It’s Friday in Gnomeville (well, everywhere actually), and you know what that means: GMing links!

Gnome Rodeos are our regular link roundups. Provided everyone doesn’t simultaneously stop talking about GMing for a week, you should see one most Fridays.

GMing Regulars

→ Dungeon Mastering: Yax has been quiet because he’s been unveiling’s new design and crossing his 300-article milestone (go, Yax!), but he had time to post about innovation parties for GMs. They sound like fun.

→ Musings of the Chatty DM: In addition to a contest that’s really easy to enter (win the original Planescape boxed set!), Chatty’s been revisiting Robin’s Laws (#5 in an ongoing series) and writing about crunch in D&D 4e.

→ Stupid Ranger: Dante cautions GMs about covering gracefully and keeping track of loose ends — like favors the PCs are owed in a long-running game. Good advice.

GMing All Over the Place

→ ars ludi: Put down your stew and read Widen the Fun. Jeez, it seems so simple when Ben puts it that way. And “My ideal case is not to impress them with my GM craft, but to get them to play so well that afterwards they walk around thinking how awesome they were.“? Fucking brilliant.

→ The Gamer Dome: I know lots of GMs dabble in game design (or do it for a living, in some cases), and if that sounds like you then check out this wiki-driven community game design project. Interesting idea.

→ Robin D. Laws’s LJ: Robin doesn’t blog about GMing that often, but when he does it’s worth paying attention. Arc Matrix delves into two-pronged character arcs for each PC. Neat! (Via Chatty DM.)

→ Scattershot Games: Fang Langford talks about GMing fundamentals, like starting and ending scenes.

One week ’til 4e! I can’t wait to play a gnome sorcerer! …Oh. That’s right. I guess I’ll just hang myself instead…