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 John Arcadian interviews Cubicle 7 about The One Ring

John Arcadian interviews Cubicle 7 about The One Ring

Hey, let’s Talk At Gencon!

Are you going to be at Gencon? Do you have an RPG or a an RPG project that you want to be interviewed about on the Gnomecast? Are you a gamer that wants to talk about your Gencon experience? I {Head Gnome John Arcadian} will be at Gencon with a fairly open schedule and will be doing short audio interviews while there. I’ll be focusing interviews on a few specific areas:

  • Interviews with Gamers about the coolest things they’ve seen and games they’ve played. 
    (We’ll be grabbing people randomly, but if you see John walking around and want to be interviewed, say hey.)
  • Interviews with content creators about their projects and kickstarters.
  • Interviews with people in the industry about the state of the industry.

If you want to be interviewed, send us an email at headgnome@gnomestew.com and we’ll try to fit as many interviews in as we can. Use one of the following templates to make sure we get all the relevant data. Replace the bracketed areas with your info.


Interview Me @ Gencon – Content Creator – {Content Creator – project} {Put this in the subject}

Name: {Name}
Project: {Project}

Why this is interesting or unique: {Wow us with your pitch, show us why it is different from similar things. Include two or three interesting things we can talk about or potential questions we can ask. Show us where your project will be interesting and unique for the listeners. }

Times and places: {Where and when are good times to talk?}

{Day / Time 1 – Place}
{Day / Time 2 – Place, etc. }



Interview Me @ Gencon – Industry Talk – {Name} {Put this in the subject}

Name: {Name}
Projects or Publications: {Project}

What do you want to talk about in the industry: {What sorts of things do you want to talk about in the industry? What sorts of interesting insights can you bring? }

Times and places: {Where and when are good times to talk?}

{Day / Time 1 – Place}
{Day / Time 2 – Place, etc. }



I’ll work to schedule interviews where they fit in my schedule and I’ll try to bunch as many together as possible, so shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do.  If you are a fan of a particular content creator or game company, forward this on to them and have them contact us using one of the above templates.  The sooner the better as I add interviewsout my schedule, my open times will become more constrained.

Looking forward to talking with you @ Gencon 2018! – Head Gnome John

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