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Gnomes at Conventions This Weekend! (and next weekend too)

Hey, you like conventions. You should go check out these conventions this weekend, the ones that have Gnomes going to them!

Con On The Cob – Richfield, Ohio – Nov. 9 -12

http://cononthecob.com/ [1]

Our own Angela Murray will be at Con on The Cob this weekend in Richfield, Ohio. Angela is an incredible game master, and if you are lucky enough to be there you should try to get into her Firefly game on Friday at 8pm or her Masks game on Saturday at 1pm.

If you miss these, and are going to be in Michigan, you can see her next weekend at:

U-CON – , Michigan – Nov. 17-19


Here she’ll be running Bubblegumshoe at 2pm on Friday and Uncharted Worlds at 8pm on Saturday.

This weekend there will be many Gnomes clustered around a portable stewpot at

Acaedcon РDayton, Ohio  РNov. 10 Р12

http://theacadecon.com/ [2]

darcy rossDarcy Ross will be there as a guest of honor, running Time Train, a Cypher System game of Predation spanning across two tables from 2pm to 6pm on Saturday.

tracybarnettTracy Barnett will be there as a guest of honor, running his Iron Edda setting, but those games are full. You can still catch him at TheOtherCast panel on Friday at 3pm.

johnarcadianJohn Arcadian will be there, representing Gnome Stew’s sponsorship. Michael didn’t make him a guest of honor, since he’s there as a sponsor, so in spite John is bringing his Tarrasque to destroy everything, or just run the game on Saturday and Sunday morning at 9 am.

The Return of the Tarrasque: Acadecon 2016 - the BLock Party Podcast fought and killed the Tarrasque, then screwed it up and changed the monster into an undead creature words than it was before! Now, the descendants of their characters take it on at Acadecon 2017 in an epic event available to watch live.