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Games and Accessories Kickstarter Roundup

There are always a slew of Kickstarters and crowdfunded games out there, so we thought we’d tell you about a few that have came across our desks recently.

PolyHero Dice – Rogue Set: PolyHero’s next set of themed polyhedral dice [1].

We tested the wizard set here [2] on the stew.

Dice Coins 3D d20: d20 dice coins with engraved bas relief art [3].

We tested a similar product from the same producer here [4] too.


Infinite Galaxies Core Rules: a sci-fi powered by the apocalypse core ruleset [5].

Check out their free preview downloads here [6].


Fate DiceTM and Fate PointsTM: Accessories for Fate Core: Fate dice and matching Fate tokens [7].

New color styles of Fate Dice and matching tokens by Evil Hat [8] themselves.