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Diversity in Wargaming

An animated gif of the author Teri Litorco holding up a book with the title "Have you let the MINI Wargaming into your life?" [1]

Over at Geek and Sundry, Teri Litorco has an awesome article up about the push for diversity in the tabletop Wargaming industry. It’s an awesome article and a great read that talks about a changing culture and inclusions in the people creating games and how different companies are handling marketing to appeal to a wider audience.







Go check it out over at Geek and Sundry:

https://geekandsundry.com/how-and-why-miniature-wargame-companies-are-choosing-to-embrace-diversity/ [1]

A screencapture of the article, showing a group of people at Games Workshop and a series of miniatures from the Victoria line [1]