Cool Things Roundup – 04-25-2018

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Lots of cool things going on this week, here are just a few of them! Wild Skies, Tabletop RPG Ted Talks by Gnomes, Conventions where Gnomes Will be, and #aprilttrpgmaker!

Wild Skies!


Wild Skies: Liberating Strife is a kickstarter for the first source book in the Wild Skies line. Wild Skies is a tabletop anthropomorphic role-playing game set in an alternate history 1930s. Dieselpunk planes and tesla coil weapons, and crazy action.

Our very own Head Gnome did a TEDx Talk!


Our very own Head Gnome John Arcadian recently gave a TEDxtalk on the benefits of Tabletop roleplaying games on social development. Check out the awesome talk and watch John's face light up with glee as he does a LITERAL dad joke on stage.

Queen City Conquest Kickstarter


Do you want to hang out with a slew of Gnomes! Do you want to play some great games! Of course you do, so if you've free in Early september, you can find many gnomes at the Queen City Conquest convention. Their kickstarter has just over a week to fund. Go check it out and come hang with the gnomes!



Have you seen the #aprilttprgmaker initiative going on this month on twitter and facebook? It was started by our own Kira Magraan and has been an awesome way for Tabletop Game makers to talk about their work and motiviations. If you make TTRPGs at any level, feel free to get in on the action and tell poeple about what you do! We want to hear about it!

This post is brought to you by our wonderful patron Samwise Crider, supporting us since December 2020! Thanks for helping us keep the stew fires going!

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