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Cool Things Roundup 04-03-2018

A few really cool gaming things have come across our gnome sized desks lately, so we wanted to share them with you! Check out these cool kickstarters and games!

Familiars Of Terra

A fantasy world where every person has an incredible familiar. If you’re a fan of young adult fiction, see it come to life in this kickstarter. Using a streamlined system with playing cards, Familiars of Terra has an incredible and heartwarming style.

A redheaded woman stands by the sea surrounded by cliffs. A winged cat (white bird/angel wings) that is black on top and white underside and has a long tail with 12 or so feathers on the end in a spiky plume is flying to land on her hands. There are 4 other cats like this flying in the background.




Continuing the theme with card based mechanics, Westbound is a D&D meets the wild west style game. Billed as “The game of Revolvers and Rituals” westbound evokes a similar feel to Deadlands, but with a unique and interesting looking take.

A gunslinger elf stands in the left side of the picture, with long pointy ears. The elf holds a 3 barrelled rifle with a handle that looks like a flower sprouting. The elf has a bandana around its neck and a blue shirt with plate armor shoulder pauldrons and bracers.




A collection of examples of the art heavy storyforge offerings. A packet of papeages, a strange fly like monster, a map, and a woman holding a LARGE, like super large, two handed sword adorn the "example page". [4]
Story forge is an offering of art, maps, story elements, and mechanics for games. The art and design are gorgeous and the idea is interesting.  If you are looking for something to add some specific art and small form adventures and content, check it out at https://d.rip/storyforge [4].