Happy GM’s Day! To celebrate this, the Earth’s finest holiday, I wanted to highlight some resources we’ve posted that relate to seven specific topics:

  • Setting up your gaming space
  • Props and materials
  • Technology
  • Prep-light GMing and improvisation
  • Adventures
  • First-time GMing
  • Treasure

With over 850 articles, these aren’t the only seven topics we’ve covered in depth, but they offer a good cross-section of the Stew and its 10 current authors, and they all feature evergreen articles — the kind you can come back to in six months or six years and mine for advice and ideas. (You can make that easier by bookmarking this article!)

Whether you’re a new reader or have been with us from the start, I hope this roundup and the 49 articles it features are useful to you!

Setting Up Your Gaming Space

Props and Materials


Prep-Light GMing and Improvisation


First-Time GMing


I hope your GM’s Day is an especially fine one, filled with visions of gnomes and halflings making gnomelings sugarplums and plenty of accidental kobold hangings gaming!