The Treasure Tables GMing Q&A Forum kicked off two events yesterday: A project and a new contest.

The project is called GMing Profiles, and it’s essentially a mini-interview for GMs. The idea is to learn a bit more about GMs from around the world (and hear their favorite GMing tips).

To celebrate the GMing Profiles project, we launched the GMing Q&A Forum Membership Contest. The contest is ridiculously easy to enter, and the prizes are badass.

Here they are:

Epic Role Playing has generously donated a complete set of Epic RPG books as a prize package: The Epic Role Playing Rules Manual, Book of the Arcane, Bestiary and the Atlas of Eslin, Vol. 1. Thanks, Epic!

• From the fine folks at Politically Incorrect Games: A copy of the Iron Gauntlets Expanded PDF, the Hard Nova II RPG PDF Collection and the Coyote Trail Bonus Bundle. Thanks, PIG!

• Courtesy of Roleplaying Tips, 3 copies of the Roleplaying Tips GM Encyclopedia, which covers 250 issues of tips from their weekly newsletter. Thanks, RPTips!

• From Treasure Tables, a T-shirt of your choice from the Treasure Tables store.

The goal is to bring new members to TT’s excellent messageboard community, and I hope you’ll check it out.