Today friend of the gnomes Sean Patrick Fannon announced the release of the complete collection of his “A Better Game” newsletter and his comic strip “Bring Dice and Chips” as a 91 page PDF for $1.99 at  Sean is a very talented GM and author, but he is also a generous soul.  In the spirit of the Gamers Helping Haiti bundle which raised $175,000 for Doctors Without Borders, and Gamers Helping Pakistan which also raised money for Doctors Without Borders, all proceeds from the sale of A Better Game With Dice and Chips will be donated to Toys for Tots which brings gifts to needy children each holiday season.

For a mere $1.99 you are going to get nearly 100 pages of quality GMing advice from a truly unique voice in the RPG industry.  I’ve played in one of Sean’s games as have other gnomes, and we can honestly say that he knows how to run a table.  More important though is that you will be helping to bring some joy into a needy child’s life.  You know that joy you feel when you get a new game to share with your group?  Imagine how much greater it is for a child who might not have had anything this holiday season to receive a gift made possible by your purchase of this PDF!

Great GMing advice for less than $2 and a chance to make a needy child’s holiday season a bit brighter!  That is what we gnomes call a win-win situation!  Order your copy now!