Hear my words all of you proud wearers of the pointy red felt hat! Operation: Grab Life By The Weasel was successful! Those filthy kobolds never knew what hit them!

In fact, the mission was so successful that those draconic muttering lizard dogs have been forced to admit it publicly. Imagine our extreme joy when it was announced that because of gnomish subterfuge that those blustering minions of dragons are giving away a free issue of Kobold Quarterly from now until February 9th. This news made every single hair in our beards tingle with pure joy!

Those stinking kobolds are now forced to share with you amazing advice from Mike Mearls, Robin Laws, Jason Buhlman, and others. You will get access to Monte Cook’s game theories which is truly a treasure all by itself. You will also discover great material for both Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition games.

Hee-hee! We gnomes are so happy to see those wretched Kobolds forced to give away their precious publication for free! How they managed to put together such a wonderful resource is still a mystery to us, because we all know that kobolds can barely write a grocery list much less 82 pages of solid RPG goodness. Yet somehow they did and it is all available to you for free!

Do us a favor and go enjoy the spoils of our victory, would you? Did you already get your free issue of Kobold Quarterly? Then leave a comment below to inspire others of the gnomish persuasion to go and grab a copy for themselves.