We’ll be opening preorders for our newest book, Phil Vecchione’s Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep, on June 4th — which means it’s time for our final preview.

Today’s preview is a sample from the near-final PDF (we’re doing one last pass for typos and checking over the index right now):

This preview includes the table of contents, the introduction, How to Use this Book, part of Chapter 2: The Phases of Prep, Part of Chapter 9: Your Creative Cycle, and part of Chapter 10: Your Personal Prep Templates, as well as the cover and samples of the book’s interior artwork. The book is 128 pages, digest-sized (6×9), and includes a comprehensive index — as well as a whole lot more than we can include in this sample!

If you’re hungry for more info on the book, you can check out its product page, the original announcement, the cover preview, and the interior artwork preview.

This has been a long, fun road for the Never Unprepared team — especially Phil — and I can’t wait to share the outcome with you!