Our early Christmas present contest runs through the end of this month. If you like our T-shirts, buying one before then gives you a shot at a $20 Amazon gift certificate.

To combat the ramped-up flood of comment spam, I’ve installed an anti-spam plugin. It presents no barriers to leaving a comment, which is very important to me. And if you’re not a spambot, you shouldn’t notice anything different from before. That said, if it’s acting wonky or it makes anything here on the blog weird for you, please let me know!

The Evil Overlord Recruitment Bureau board on the TT forums (an experiment that grew out of World Powers and Big Picture Plotlines) has seen some good activity. If you haven’t taken a peek at what it’s all about, why not give it a whirl?

And lastly, we’re considering splitting publisher-related forum threads (especially advertising) into a new sub-forum, Publisher Dialogue. In the long run, my goal would be to make this forum the place for publishers to discuss their products with GMs, and for GMs to ask questions and get involved with those publishers. If that sounds good (or terrible!) to you, you weigh in here.