It’s time for our third preview of Focal Point: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions (the third book in the trilogy that begin with Never Unprepared and Odyssey) — specifically, the table of contents.

I know that might not sound like the most exciting thing to preview, but it is! I always read the table of contents before buying a gaming book — it gives me a good idea of what the book covers (and doesn’t cover), and whether or not I’m interested in it.

But first…here’s the book’s lovely cover by Juan Ochoa again:

…and now, a bit of context for the table of contents. Focal Point is divided into three sections — Lights, Camera, and Action (have you guessed the theme that ties Focal Point together yet?) — each focused on one of the three major roles a GM plays: entertainer, storyteller, and facilitator.

We’ve got just one more preview left, the big one: Next up is a PDF excerpt from the book itself!