Congratulations to Peter Seckler for being the first person to complete the first ever Worldwide Adventure Writing Month challenge! Peter finished his scenario, The Maze of Cherno, a D&D 3.5e adventure for low-level PCs, with 13 days to spare — no mean feat. I’ve added “The Maze” to the WoAdWriMo Adventure Downloads section here on TT.

The intro to Peter’s adventure opens with:

“The dwarven elementalist Cherno was always known as an unconventional innovator and genius. His obsession with precious metals and mining lead him to make fantastic journeys to mines across the known world.. and beyond. Late in life, he began to explore the Elemental Plane of Earth, where he was rumored to have forged strange alliances with great elemental lords.”

It kicks off with a dungeon profile, detailing basic dungeon features and offering some brief advice for GMs, and then gets right down to an old-school, multi-level dungeon crawl that looks like it would be a lot of fun to play through. And, of course, it’s completely free for you to use with your group.

Nice work, Peter! I hope this provides some inspiration for others who are taking the WoAdWriMo challenge — you can do it, and you still have plenty of time to finish your creation.