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As we roll into the holiday weekend, I thought it’d be fun to share something that can completely derail my group: Kevin Spacey doing Christopher Walken auditioning for the part of Han Solo [1]. (The rest of the video is miscellaneous Walken stuff — the Spacey bit comes first.)

Just saying “fast…ship” has, on occasion, made us laugh so hard we cried. You’re welcome?

What in-jokes, recited lines and other things have this effect on your group?

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6 Comments To "Fast…Ship"

#1 Comment By Dave Chalker On December 23, 2006 @ 10:27 am

While most groups still use heavy Monty Python, the Fensler Films GI Joe parodies took over in my group as most quoted.

“Hey kid, I’m a computer, stop all the downloading”

#2 Comment By Ian On December 23, 2006 @ 12:37 pm

One of the running gags in my group is about the storage capacity of a simian’s ass…

You see, a while back we were having a conversation with the monk about where he was pulling out all these weapons from (I don’t remember what it was, probably shurikens or kamas or something). He said that you can hide a lot of things under a monk gi.

Now, say “monk gi” out loud and note the similarity to a monkey. Hence, whenever something needs to be hidden, or has disappeared, we always suggest putting it/checking under a monkey.

#3 Comment By Abulia On December 24, 2006 @ 9:44 am


I still die laughing every time. 😀

#4 Comment By Carrie On December 26, 2006 @ 9:22 am

“Shut up, Bessie, it’s for science!”

Someone had gotten a brilliant energy weapon (this is D&D), and wanted to try it out. However, since brilliant energy ignores armor, we couldn’t work out any way for him to spar safely so we tried to come up with some sort of target dummy he could swipe at. I, being unaware of how exactly brilliant energy works, said, “Well, is it *living* matter or just *organic* matter? Would a side of beef do or does it have to be a live cow?” Someone at the table made what I can only describe as an unhappy cow noise, whereupon the GM exclaimed, “Shut up, Bessie, it’s for science!”

There was also the time we contacted a guy who’d been kidnapped with a spell that allowed a 10-word response. We asked him where he was and his reply was “In a bag please help help help help help help.”

#5 Comment By ScottM On December 26, 2006 @ 12:27 pm

Responding to any question with “27 inches” will almost certainly derail conversation and get a laugh. (It’s from an in-joke that no one can quite remember… but it remains funny anyway,)

Several of uus are good at dropping into “porn mode” and reading innuendo where none existed.

#6 Comment By Martin On December 27, 2006 @ 9:18 am

I love reading these. If I’m not alone in that, I wonder if they’d make a good wiki page or forum thread?