Are there GMing questions you’d like to ask, but that you’re kind of of embarrassed about asking?

Questions that seem too basic, too simple, or too should-be-obvious to ask other GMs in person?

Here on the Stew, we love practical GMing questions — and there’s no shame in asking them. Any of them.

I’ve been GMing for over 20 years, and I still fuck up on a semi-regular basis. All of the other gnomes make mistakes, too — and all of us have gaps in our GMing experience and knowledge, too.

Got something you want to know more about, and nowhere or no one to ask? Ask us!

Let’s turn the comments for this article into a roundtable discussion, where GMs — gnomes and readers alike — can weigh in on each others’ embarassing GMing questions.

(Or it could turn out that no one has any embarassing GMing questions, of course! But I don’t think that’s the case. We shall see!)