As a thank you to our fans, we’ve added EPUB and MOBI versions of all three of our books to each book’s download package, and if you bought any of our books in PDF (or received the PDF through another legitimate channel, like as a contest prize), you’re automatically entitled to a free update that includes the new files.

Many thanks to Robert Kern and Darren Hardy for creating these new versions! From conversion to tweaking to multi-platform testing, both of these guys knocked it out of the park.

Three channels allow automatic updates:

  • The Engine Publishing online store. My e-commerce vendor charges for updates like this (about $300 in this case), but I thought about what I would prefer as a customer — automatic update notification — and followed my gut. It’s money well spent.
  • DriveThruRPG/RPGNow
  • Paizo

Email updates, including fresh download links, have already gone out for these channels. The ZIP files available to participating Bits & Mortar retailers have also been updated.

Other channels, including fulfillment by me through our Bits & Mortar guarantee, review copies, contest prizes, and the like don’t give me the opportunity to provide you with an automatic update. You’re still entitled to an update, though! You just need to send me proof of purchase, like a scan of your receipt or a photo of you holding your book, or an email if your case is an oddball one, and I’ll send you an update manually for every book you’ve bought from us.

Thank you very much for buying our books, and for supporting Gnome Stew and Engine Publishing!