Have you sent us email at martin at gnomestew dot com in the recent or not-so-recent past? And if so, did you not get a reply?

That would be because I only NOW figured out that this address is not forwarding properly to my “hub” account and likely has not been for a very long time. I respond to every single legitimate (IE non-spam) email I get from readers, fans, and folks who have something to say about the Stew, so I feel like a HUGE asshole right now.

I’m beginning the painful process of going through unread mail now, and am currently back to November 2011. I’m paying special attention to article proposals, since those have a unique subject line, but it’s entirely possible I’ll miss something.

I’m going to spend tonight working on this, and will go back as far as my sanity allows. If, as of Friday 1/13, you haven’t heard from me and know that you should have, please drop me a line again — and please accept my apology.

I’m so sorry about this! I have tech support holding my hand through whatever process I screwed up to cause this problem, so it should be fixed within 24 hours.