With D&D 4e out (and looking awesome so far), I wanted to start building a collection of prepainted fantasy minis for future use. While I plan to buy some boosters as well, I figured I’d kick things off by ordering a host of cheap minis for representing PCs. Even if creatures get counters instead, it’s always cool when the PCs have their own minis.

Back when I was collecting Star Wars Starship Battles minis, I found a site I was really pleased with for ordering them: Miniature Market. They shipped promptly and offered good discounts, so they were my first stop for D&D minis singles.

For about a buck a mini, I snagged 26 great PC choices for $27 plus shipping. I opted for a broad mix of races and classes of both genders, and chose versatile minis that could stand in for multiple classes.

Since I don’t care about them as pieces for the actual D&D Miniatures game (yet, at least), I found that common and uncommon minis could be had for $0.50-$2.00, most of them in the $1.00 range. That seems totally reasonable to me, and a whole lot cheaper than buying boosters and hoping for PC minis.

I know this isn’t exactly a news flash — D&D Miniatures singles can be had on the cheap! — but I thought it was worth sharing anyway. For about the price of a hardcover gaming book, I got over two dozen PC-suitable minis, and a nice start on my collection. (Next up will likely be a bulk order of cheap, common monsters like orcs and skeletons, and the few cheap PCs I didn’t snag this time around.) Though I bought them primarily for D&D, there’s no reason I couldn’t use them for any fantasy RPG.

If you’re in the market for cheap minis, I recommend this approach. What do you do to get your minis fix? Any other good ways to score useful prepainted minis in bulk?