My gaming group is coming up on the end of one of our two ongoing campaigns, and I’ve started getting the first tingles of dread. My group has more trouble picking games than a blind cat-herder would have trying to tend to his clowder of kitties.

If it goes the way it’s always gone in the past, this process will take several hours, frustrate all four of us to one extent or another and have a decent chance of not making everyone happy.

Does that sound like your group? If so, let’s pool our resources and try and come up with a better approach.

I know that there are really only four ways to choose your next game, and that the quirks in our process might be unique to my group. We use a version of method #2 from that post: an honest-to-god weighted list, with runoff voting and everything.

And you know what? It’s a giant pain in the ass. I love these guys, but I don’t love this process. It can be fun, in a way, but after a couple hours it starts to wear me down (and I don’t think I’m the only one).

If you’re up for it, I’d like to ask for your help in making it go quickly and smoothly this time around — not just for us, for but every GM whose group has trouble with this sometimes-peculiar aspect of our hobby.

Here are some basics that are particular to my group:

  • There are four of us, three of whom are primarily GMs and one who is primarily a player.
  • The GM who’s running the game that won’t be ending probably won’t want to run a second game simultaneously (totally understandable). Both of our other GMs are up for running something.
  • Several options stayed on the table from the last time we did this, and each of us feels passionately about at least one of them.
  • If one person hates an option, it’s not an option. If two people aren’t wild about a game, it’s probably not an option.

I don’t want to get much more specific than that, because this post isn’t just about my group. (If you need more data, though, let me know.)

Here are a few ideas that have come up so far:

  • Run Club, courtesy of Ben Robbins. We take turns GMing different games, running a few sessions apiece.
  • Run Club, but only for game pitches. Instead of making a pitch for the games each of us is most interested in, we run one session of each of them and then select our favorite.
  • Do one-shots for a while. This would be a great way to try some weird stuff (Og: The Caveman RPG, baby) and blow off some steam, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem.
  • Do what we did last time, and hope magic faeries make it go better this time.

What do you think?