I can’t wait for GenCon 2009. One of the many reasons that I’m looking forward to it is because I get to do something that I almost never do the rest of the year: I become a player.

I’m one of those gamers that just prefers to GM over playing and, for the last two years, I’ve been GMing for both of my gaming groups. While I do enjoy playing every once in a while, it isn’t long before I start getting that itch again and start plotting my next campaign.

That said all running and no play can make Walt a stale GM.

Every GM can use a recharge every now and then. Moving to the other side of the screen offers new perspectives; playing under a different GM, working with other players, and observing the gaming environment.

Perhaps most importantly, it helps you understand what makes your players tick. Were you upset when you couldn’t play a barbarian? Did you enjoy the plotline? Do you feel like your decisions are important? Does losing have consequences? Did you find the “strange, new setting that redefines old standards” immersive or distracting?

All of this can provide invaluable information to incorporate into your own GMing style. Most of the time it isn’t rocket science, sometimes you just need to see things from a different point of view.

And don’t forget, we can all use a break now and then just to recharge our batteries and get our GM juices flowing while we’re not up against a session deadline.

Happy GM’s Day! Just don’t forget to play every once in a while!