Thinking about White Wolf’s relatively recent trend towards limited lines, I started wondering how GMs view this approach. Limited lines are those which have a predetermined (and announced) endpoint, which the publisher sticks to; White Wolf’s first game like this was Orpheus, which was capped at six books. They’ve since carried this approach through with Promethean, Scion and the upcoming Changeling revamp.

On the one hand, limited lines are nice because you know you won’t need to buy a jillion books to have the whole thing. And in theory, the publisher has and executes a tight, planned theme or backstory — rather than milking every corner of the setting or every game mechanic to create more books.

On the other hand, some games benefit from having a multitude of sourcebooks: Would the Forgotten Realms be the same world if there weren’t oodles of books available for GMs? And some gamers (GMs and players alike) enjoy buying into game lines that continue indefinitely.

Where do you fall on this spectrum?