Friends of the Stew Phil the Chatty DM and Chgowiz of Old Guy RPG Blog launched a contest this morning: New Grand Contest: The One-Page Dungeon.

To enter, you use their form to create a one-page fantasy dungeon, sans stats, and send it on in. There will be winners in several categories, and there’s a metric shit-ton of prizes available — here’s just the grand prize:

  • Patron membership of Wolfgang Baur’s Open Design
  • Quarterly membership to Monte Cook’s Dungeon a Day
  • A full License for Smitework’s Fantasy Grounds II
  • 1 year membership to Obsidian Portal
  • 50$ Gift Certificate from One-Bookshelf

In addition to their killer array of prizes, our gnomies Chgowiz and Phil will be compiling all of the entries — and we expect there to be a LOT of entries — into a free PDF for your downloading pleasure.

So: a little bit of work, a chance to give something fun to the RPG community, and a shot at winning some awesome stuff. I’m not seeing a downside here.

I humbly submit that dungeons including gnomes will have a VASTLY increased chance of winning fabulous prizes.* Go check it out, pick your best gnome-based underground pleasure palace design, and enter this puppy.

Note: While gnomes are inherently the best dungeon denizens, this is complete bullshit.