It’s been a little while since our last contest, and we thought we’d get 2009 started off right with another one. This time around, you can win one of two sets of dice or a custom Gnome Stew dice bag.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

This contest is sponsored by Game Master Dice, who provided the two sets of dice, and Marsbarn Designs, who gave us the custom Gnome Stew dice bag. (I reviewed Marsbarn’s dice bags in a past article.) Check ’em both out!

Win Fabulous Prizes

We’re giving away two sets of poly dice from Game Master Dice. Maybe you need a fresh set of dice, or an extra set for one of your buddies — or maybe you’re the player who always forgets your dice. Either way, we’ve got you covered:

…and a custom Gnome Stew dice bag, courtesy of Marsbarn Designs:

Which, incidentally, is fully reversible:

I can’t emphasize enough how great Marsbarn’s bags are. I’ve used mine weekly for several months now, and it still looks like new.

How to Enter

You can enter this contest by posting a comment on this article. To do that, you’ll need to be a Gnome Stew member; it’s free to join this site, and you can register an account right here.

Everyone who posts a comment will be eligible to win one of the two sets of poly dice. (If you post more than one comment, you still only get one entry.) That’s it — post anything you like, and you’re entered to win one of the two sets of dice.

To win the custom Gnome Stew dice bag, you’ll need to guess how many dice I own — based on the picture of the huge pile o’ dice that follows. If you’d like a shot at winning the bag, put your guess in your comment. Whoever comes closest without going over will win this puppy. (If we need a tiebreaker, it will be guessing the number of d30s I own; the secondary tiebreaker is a die roll.)

You can only win one prize, and as always Gnome Stew authors are ineligible to win.

Please note that I’ll be emailing the winners at the email address used for your Gnome Stew account — make sure it’s a valid email address. I’ll put the dice winners directly in touch with Game Master Dice to claim their prizes. I will personally mail the custom Gnome Stew dice bag to whoever wins that prize.

The Pile

Here’s a big pile o’ dice (check out the larger image):

My entire dice collection is in that pile. There are a few dice in small bags or containers that aren’t visible (they’re buried in dice), but no filler under the pile or anything tricksy like that. And yes, I have counted them (and fuck my ass was that a long process!).

I will provide one hint: I posted the number of dice I owned online several years ago, under a handle; I have acquired more dice since then. The chance of connecting that post and this one is pretty slim, but it is possible.

The Deadline

This contest will end (and the comments on this article will be locked) on Friday, January 9th, 2009 at 7:00 pm Mountain time. We’ll announce the winners the following week in a separate post.

Sound good? Get to commenting and guessing, and good luck to everyone who enters!