Over in the TT forums, Kurt “Telas” Schneider is kicking around an idea for a breast cancer charity gaming event, and I thought it would be a good one to share here, as well.

Here’s an excerpt from the thread:

Anyway, I thought of doing a gaming event for charity. Obviously, we wouldn’t be able to put something together in a week, but this sounds great for next year. I’d call it “Quests for Breasts”. Ideally, we’d have a pay-to-play game day (sorry, the Irish blood makes me occasionally rhyme things), preferably hitting up someone semi-famous to author it, with volunteer GMs, donated door prizes, free food for the gamers, and such. Realistically, it might be something more like a “local mini-con” with pick-up gaming, scheduled tables, demos, drawings, silent auctions, etc.

Now, what would you pay to play in such an event? What would you like to see at it? What would be a deal-breaker? What door prizes would you want/not want? Do you consider it all a bit too tongue in cheek? (For the last, there are women wearing shirts on the walk that are far more risque.) Basically, I’m looking for ideas and feedback from the TT crowd.

Telas and his wife walked the Breast Cancer 3-Day in 2006, and they’re doing it again this year (here’s the donation page for Telas and Mrs. Telas’s walk).

I know readership for the blog and forums doesn’t overlap entirely, and I’m sure Telas wouldn’t mind getting feedback in both places. As a GM, what kind of setup would you like to see? What if the event were run online, using virtual tabletops or in chatroom format? If you’ve got any thoughts or ideas about this one, share away!