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What’s Your Secret Campaign Crush?

I suspect every GM has an idea on the back burner for a campaign that they’d love to try sometime, but never seem to get around to. Mine is a hybrid MechWarrior/BattleTech game where the PCs are all ‘mech pilots (and the RPG stuff is handled with a different system than MechWarrior,...

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What Was Your Strangest GMing Experience?

Positive, negative or just plain weird, what was your strangest, most unusual experience as a GM? What made it so odd, and what happened afterwards? TT is in moving mode from 4/19 to 4/25. There’ll be a new post every day (as always), but I won’t be able to respond to comments or email...

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If Only: GMing Regrets

Over on Abulia Savant, my friend Don Mappin has an excellent post up about gaming regrets. It’s in the same vein as one of his earlier posts, Greatest Hits (discussed on TT in Ranking Your Favorite Campaigns: What Makes You Tick?) — examining your history as a gamer can reveal some...

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What Was Your First GMing Session Like?

A simple question that can be answered many ways: What was your first session as a GM like? Neither of my own answers are terribly satisfying — I hope you can do better! I say “neither” because I got my start as a GM by running very loose storytelling sessions that had very...

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Why Do You GM?

Here on TT, we’ve asked how you learned to GM, and how GMs should learn the ropes. We’ve discussed how TT readers got started as GMs and what GMs actually do. We’ve even covered GMing by default (one reason to GM) — but we’ve never asked this particular big question:...

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