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Getting Players to GM

As a GM, do you really get to play like everyone else at the table? Do you get to enjoy the setting and the rules of a game in the same way? Do you experience the unexpected as deeply as you would from the perspective of a single character? Do you get to feel like you’re one of the party, standing...

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GMs as Creators and Managers

TT reader, RPG freelancer and author of Opening Credits via PowerPoint Walt C. emailed me about the most basic division of the GM’s roles. I thought this would be a good topic for discussion, and Walt gave me the thumbs-up on turning his email into a guest post. Thanks, Walt! – –...

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Bribing the GM

Back in high school, I gamed with a GM who openly encouraged us to bribe him with things (like snacks) for XP and other in-game privileges. Fifteen years on, man, that seems weird. Or is it? Is this secretly commonplace outside of high school? It’s got such a Knights of the Dinner Table vibe...

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GM as Meeting Facilitator

Meeting Facilitation and Gaming is an absolutely fascinating post over at The 20′ by 20′ Room — “one of the problems with typical rpgs is the fact that the GM is usually the meeting facilitator for a gaming group.” I can’t believe I’ve never thought of it...

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How Different RPGs Define the GM’s Role

Chris Chinn, of Deep in the Game (one of the best RPG blogs around), recently wrote a post entitled An exercise for the viewer at home. In it, Chris excerpts a snippet of text from the intro to Exalted that reveals a lot about the assumptions underlying that RPG. I love this idea (thanks, Chris!),...

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Professional GMing

I had a chance to game with Tavis Allison, the president of Behemoth3, at this year’s GenCon, and after the con he asked me if I’d write about their latest project, Otherworld Excursions, here on Treasure Tables. I agreed, for three reasons: Tavis is a very nice guy, we swapped a bit...

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What Does the GM Do?

Sounds like a pretty dumb question, right? Or at least a question with a very obvious answer: the GM creates scenarios, runs the game and plays the NPCs. That’s true, but those are pretty broad descriptions — particularly that middle one, “runs the game.”Let’s break...

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It Came From The Stew Pot

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What Are People Saying?

What are people saying?

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