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Fire Emblem: Awakening

Sweet googly moogly, this game. THIS GAME, YOU GUYS. I will now attempt to write coherently for the rest of this article. This article will also contain spoilers, most likely, so use caution if you haven’t played. Let me begin by saying I was really late to the party acquiring a 3DS. The...

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New Nintendo 3DS Out on February 13th!

Let me start this article by saying that I currently own a DSLite, and I was waiting on the newer 3DS to play 3DS games for two reasons: 1) I heard the 3D was improved for this newer console (I don’t want headaches, yo) and 2) I like to wait until I have a list of games I want to play and...

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Steampowered: To The Moon Review

Here’s a cute date idea if you are in a relationship with another gamer- snuggle up and play ‘To The Moon’ on Steam. It’s an indie adventure RPG made by Freebird Games about two doctors who fulfill a dying man’s wish by reconstructing his memories. I love the concept...

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First Impressions: Hyrule Warriors

Well, I have to say, Dynasty Warriors gets a costume prize this year for dressing up as a Legend of Zelda game. Like, it’s cute. It’s like if you open the door for Halloween, and there’s adorable little Dynasty Warriors in a Kokiri Tunic with a Master Sword. How do you not like...

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Digital Chic

In real life, I wear jeans, sneakers and comfortable shirts. I’ve talked before about how I’m not really a girly girl, but I’m also not completely immune to style considerations. While my wardrobe in ‘meatspace’ is pretty limited (though I do go for colorful and hopefully flattering shirts),...

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Is It Still “Legend” of Zelda?

Warning for the tl;dr crowd. This is a long one! The discussion of narrative in video games is a relatively new topic in academia given that the medium hasn’t existed nearly as long as literature or even film and television. In the brief time video games have existed, they have attracted the...

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Fallen London: Come Play with Me

The year is 1861, and London has been stolen by bats. Except no one says that anymore, except the Revolutionaries. Welcome to Fallen London. In December of 1861, Prince Albert, the Prince Consort to Queen Victoria, ruler of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, died. Though his doctors...

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Silent Hill 2 and Guilt: Part 5

Here’s the final part of the Silent Hill 2 post series. Enjoy. Guilty James (Continued): The structure of the game’s narrative is important because of the “need of translatability” for conveying psychologically-motivated stories to James and the player. Laurie Taylor states that “video games...

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A Noob’s Guide to MMOs

I’ve been playing Neverwinter for close to four months now and I’m still enjoying it as much as I did in the beginning, if not more so. Part of that is the whole joining a guild thing. If you remember, back when I first wrote about the game, I mentioned that I had been a bit of an...

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Broken Age Act One: Margaret’s Take

Whew, baby. Let me tell you about this game I backed on Kickstarter known as Broken Age, formerly known as DoubleFine Adventure. We know this Kickstarter project was a Big Dang Deal from the day it was funded above and beyond imagination (over 3 million is a lot of dough) to the days leading up to...

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