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Star Wars Fever

You can feel it in the air, even among those that don’t normally move in nerd circles. There’s a wave of excitement and a sense of hope I haven’t felt since… So much is riding on The Force Awakens. I’m not just talking about the careers of a bunch of actors and movie-makers from Hollywood. If the...

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Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds (Boston)

Being able to attend not one but TWO video game music symphonies gives this Princess the warm fuzzies inside, folks. The gamers win! Our culture, our MUSIC, is becoming mainstream, and the victory is sweet. It was extra special to spend the evening with my godmother, uncle, and their two children....

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February 27th, 2015

February 27th, 2015. That was an emotionally charged day in so many ways. It was the day Leonard Nimoy passed away. He was well loved by his family, friends and cast members, and by countless fans all across the globe. He was most well-known for playing Spock, and I feel that in real life he was a...

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Cosplay Halloween Update

The Elsa is starting to look like an Elsa. It’s very exciting to see a costume begin to take its final form, and this time is no exception. Once Lizzy and I got the pattern cut and started pinning pieces together, it was quick work getting the skirt and bodice together. The skirt is rather...

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Halloween Prep as a Cosplayer

It’s September. The season of “Pumpkin ALL the things” is upon us. The official start of autumn is coming. The first Spirit Halloween popped up last month in my area like a zit on a kid hitting early puberty. It’s also time– from my cosplayer’s...

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Sailor Moon? Heck Yes!- Margaret’s Take

Ah, youth. I remember the days of sprinting off the school bus to watch anime. I come from the Toonami generation, and that, combined with the influence of my school’s Anime Club, was the gateway drug into serious anime love. Important favorites come to mind- Dragonball, Tenchi Muyo, Gundam...

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Waiting for GoT Season 5

Things to do with your Sunday now that Game of Thrones Season 4 is over: 1)      Find a friend who hasn’t seen it yet so you have a reason to re-watch the previous seasons. 2)      Try to read the books. (Or if you have read the books read them again.) 3)      Plan your Halloween costume....

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The Art or the Artist

Where do you draw the line between the artist and the art they create? If a piece of artwork, whether it’s a painting, a book, a song, or heck, even a game, touches you in some meaningful way, is that experience ruined by a later revelation that the creator may be a deeply flawed human being? At...

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