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Trapped in a Room Full of Drunken Monkeys

Ever have one of those moments when everything is falling apart around you, when all your careful plans are out the window and there’s nothing left to do but break down and laugh hysterically? Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but I ran one of those games last month when I made a tiny error in...

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Motivation for the Easily Distra… SQUIRREL!

During the interview for the job I currently have, I was asked what type of animal I would be if I happened to be an animal. It’s a silly question, but it’s a good way to gauge the candidate’s response to something out of left field, as well as their sense of humor. Both of those things have...

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Adventuring: Once Upon A Time

I love Fairy Tales, from the ones truly watered down for the smallest child, like Disney’s Little Mermaid, to horror movies, like Black Swan. So when Once Upon A Time, OUAT, came out I was thrilled. I get to have a new Fairy Tale every week, yes please! Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of plot...

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Behind the Scenes Danger

One of the common pieces of advice you’ll hear for running better low-preparation or improvised games is to have a solid understanding of what is happening in the world around your PCs. The concept is that if you know what the important NPCs, good, bad, or indifferent, are doing at any given...

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Goblins, Lizards, and Golems Oh My!

During GenCon I was able to attend a panel about an upcoming dungeon crawl by Pathfinder. The scenario is called Emerald Spire and I have been waiting for it since I found out about it from the Pathfinder MMORPG Kickstarter. I’m really looking forward to getting it as a PDF. I will most likely be...

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Playing Favorites

If you’re a GM, you’ve done it. You may not have meant to and may not have even realized you were doing it. Or maybe you do realize you’re doing it and you don’t care how it affects your players. Either way, we GMs have all played favorites among our players at one time or another. In an...

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Bringing Out the Good China

The other day, I saw this show up in my Facebook feed: My first thought was, “Whoa. The proportions in that painting are all so whackass. Is that an Elmore? Elmore’s art is usually better than that.” Then what the meme was saying actually registered and I thought, “Huh. That’s kinda true. At...

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From Small Screen to Game Table

I firmly believe we are in a golden age for television. With the rise of original television programming on cable, some of the best shows that have ever been produced are being made right now. In fact, you could argue that there is more innovation and creativity in television right now than you...

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It Came From The Stew Pot

Hey you. Yeah, you. Do you know about Gnomecast 21? Why isn’t it in the archives? What are they hiding? If you value your safety… don’t go searching for Gnomecast 21…

Gnomecast 21 poster with a beared gnome and the words "I survived Gnomecast #21

What Are People Saying?

What are people saying?

“If you aren’t reading Gnome Stew, you’re missing out.”

Wolfgang Baur, Kobold Press

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