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Old or New, A Convention Question

Today I get in a car and start driving towards Columbus, Ohio with a couple of good friends and all the supplies I need to survive five days of gaming awesomeness that is Origins Game Fair. Heck, by the time I woke up today, there were already early nerds a couple hours into the first games of the...

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Running GAGG XVIII: An Esteamed Convention

Hello, everybody! SUNY Geneseo’s annual gaming convention, Running GAGG, was a thing that happened over the weekend. It was also, apparently, my 10th year attending! Wow! This year, I also brought my friend Kat with me, and it was her first gaming convention. I asked her the Wednesday before the...

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Eating Well at the Con

Running GAGG is rapidly approaching at the end of January, and the pre-registration for GenCon also opens up near the end of this month. Time to start prepping for this year’s conventions! One thing I have been taking into consideration this year is my own eating habits at conventions....

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Women at the Gaming Table

Recently 3 of the 5 Princesses went to Con on the Cob, a convention in Akron, OH and my very favorite con. The creator of the con asked people to volunteer to do a panel.  So naturally I took the bull by the horns and volunteered us. ((Next time I’ll ask first I swear.)) So here we have the...

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Heroes of Cosplay: A personal reflection

Syfy channel has been coming out with some really great shows for nerds recently. Face Off is one of their great Reality TV shows that I watch regularly and their new show Heroes of Cosplay comes on right after and hooked me immediately. I love seeing the process of getting these costumes ready...

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GenCon 2013 Overview

On Tuesday, August 13th, five of us piled our nerd-selves into a van with our dice bags and brains. Since all of us are nerds we didn’t run out of things to talk about; everything from making fun of our GPS for not knowing the right way, to the differences between political groups in the US. Even...

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Visual GenCon ’13 Recap

This year marked my eighth consecutive GenCon. When I realized that, I was surprised, since 2006, my first GenCon, doesn’t seem that long ago. The math doesn’t lie, though. In just two more years, I’ll hit a full decade of attendance, so there’s no way I can consider myself a rookie...

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What are people saying?

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