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In-Game Adjustments

A few weeks ago I was running my Night’s Black Agents (NBA) game, and the agents had just come off of one kinetic op, and right into another (because the timing was critical). They were banged up and their skill pools were somewhat depleted. Their opposition at the other site was not overwhelming...

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Stuck in the Doldrums

There are times as GMs when we get burned out. We have too much going on, the game is not going right, etc. We get to a point where we don’t want to run the game, and we either cancel a session or sometimes kill a campaign to end the suffering. Other times, everything is great with your game, but...

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What do you want from GMing?

A few weeks ago I was running my Cortex Prime game, Aux. The session went well, and my players had a few minutes of time, so rather than just a simple check-in for how the session went, we got into a really in-depth critique of how the campaign was going to date. Overall, the feedback was...

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Player Roles

When running a game, I ask for volunteers at the table to fill certain roles. I’m not talking about the character roles (tank, damage, healer, caster, support). In this case, I’m talking about player roles that facilitate the running of the game and makes things easier to keep things...

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Doodling for GMs

Recently, I was taking this training class for my day job, and the person in the video said that we have far more neurons dedicated to visual processing than audio processing. Honestly, I tried to look this up, and there is a mountain of neurobiology about audio vs visual uptake, processing, and...

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Elements of Description

Game masters are the eyeballs, earholes, fingers, noses, and tongues for the players. If a GM doesn’t describe something, it doesn’t exist. If they don’t say that something is in the room, it’s not in the room. If a GM forgets, omits, or just plain leaves out an...

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Running An Improv Game

Something that is coming up for me (as I write this) is an “improv game.” I’ve done this a few times before to great success, and I’m really looking forward to doing it again. What I mean by an “improv game” is that I, as the GM, am not providing the storyline....

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It Came From The Stew Pot

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What are people saying?

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